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Classification Codes for the new EICR

Electrical Testing Report Codes  

If you have read our EICR page then you probably know what an EICR is but just incase, The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) replaced the Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) in January 2012 when amendment No1:2011 of BS7671:2008 came into effect, The EICR is a very time consuming document as there are now 62 items to be checked within the inspection schedule and this is before the testing of the installation can begin.

Classification Codes. 

The main difference between the new EICR and the old PIR is the new section, section (K) Observations with its classifications C1 C2 & C3 including its overlay large inspection schedule which supports the observations. 

CODE (1) There is a danger present, risk of injury and immediate remedial action required. 

CODE (2) There is a potential danger present and urgent remedial work is required. 

CODE (3) Improvement is recommended. 

Items which are proven CODE 1 must be made safe immediately but where this is not practical the owner or user must be given written notice as a matter urgency this will usually result in the inspector/electrician issuing a danger notice for each item. 

Each item that is inspected has two columns for the recording of the result, Outcome and CODE. 

Acceptable Condition-Tick 

Unacceptable Condition- C1/C2 

Improvement Recommended-C3 

Not Verified-NV 


Not Applicable-NA

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